Wireless Power Device - Quick 3D Hard Surface Model

  • Category 3D, Concept Art, FUI, UI / Tools Modo, Illustrator, Photoshop

I made this for practice months ago and forgot about it. Just a quick 3D 6 hours practice, I tend to not have much patience for spending days on a single art, so usually I make things in a hourly time-frame. I don’t have yet the 3D guy mentality, but I spent around 6 hours modeling this on Modo Indie, without using subdivisions, so it’s a mid-poly model, spent 1 hour texturing and the renders actually took most of the time, around 14 hours of rendering not using GPU render. I made a real quick Lo-fi sort of Interface / FUI for this, sorry for the rushed art guys.
Modern / Lo-fi / Steam-punk inspiration for this?