Virtual CPU interface

  • Tools Adobe Illustrator, Modo, Photoshop, PCB creator

After 6 months posting only old stuff, finally I made a new piece of art, this one was made quite quick and just for practicing. My idea was making an interface (ui, fui) design for some kind of Virtual CPU, that would resemble a computer motherboard but in a futuristic and non material manner. I used a free software called PCB creator to generate a real Motherboard design, exported to illustrator where I re-draw and re-designed everything. In Modo I made some simple layers and planes with basic modeling and texturing to get the depth I wanted without being over the top and without making the design disappear in a complicated FX fest 🙂 Hope you guys like this. i made this very fast so not much refinement on this, sorry. About 5 hours + 6 hours of rendering.