Substrata Book

  • Client Substrata Book / Paul Richards / Date 30 Jul 2013 / Category Concept Art, Print, Book

This is a very quick concept art I made for for fun, but also made it for a awesome book project called SUBSTRATA, created by Paul Richards (concept artist of: Vigil Games, Blizzard Entertainment, 343 Industries). The book is a awesome reunion of great artists around the globe that contributed with artworks following a very open-minded theme in the vein of Diablo, Darksiders, Dark Souls and others, the idea is to create a book like it was made from a actual game.

Unfortunately, after I few contacts with Paul, I thought everything was set, than the book came out and I was not there at all, and never heard from him again, big disappointment. But the book sales supposedly would go for charity, but a big publisher got involved, not sure if it happened, still awesome idea!