Steampunk Astrolabe Table

  • Category Concept Art, 3D model, Experiment / Tools Adobe Illustrator, Modo, Houdini, Adobe Photoshop

I wanted to make a Steampunk inspired device with some minimal and practical User Interface, that looked like an kind of an Astrolabe but not for our galaxy. I’m not a 3D artist but I really had fun trying to make a design that relied only on mechanical parts powered by vapor (steam), no sci-fi tech glowy lights, only optics and vapor! I made everything in Modo and Illustrator, used a bit of Houdini for air particles and Photoshop to merge all. I made this a month before joining Ready at Dawn, kinda inspired by The Order 1886, but my PC couldn’t render this, so now 10 months later and with a new PC, I was able to make some basic renders 🙂 Hope you like it!