STAR WARS The Force Awakens FUI Concepts

  • Category UI, FUI, Concept Art, Star Wars

I was approached to make some Star Wars Force Awakens Fictional User Interfaces for the “Empire” stuff (New Order), very early on, but due to a new job and some contractual stuff I end up not having those art not officially used in full, but they used parts of it and for inspiration I think, since the actual ones in the film are so close to my versions, what a honnor! So, now 2 years later I am showing it! It’s official and I proudly made it! I always wanted to do Star Wars related art. So I made all the UI / FUI designs and created the device as well, the 3D model was poorly done in Modo 3D. It was done in 2 days only, so it’s a bit rough, also I tried to keep the 70’s-80’s design choices a little bit.