Serv.Bot.Z3A FUI and 3D

  • Client My crazy self / Date 11 Dez 2015 / Category Design, Fui, Ui, 3D, Experimental

I started by making a quick design for of a Fictional User Interface for a Helmet Visor or a Robot Head, just for fun. But after I started to quick model a Helmet in Modo 3D, I realize I needed to learn how to use Modo and 3D in general, so I started to have so much fun making/learning the process of making a helmet, that I end up making a robot from it. It’s funny that something that started as a Ui ended up being a 3D hard surface model of a robot, and the Ui itself became secondary, haha.

Pipeline was: Illustrator > Modo > Photoshop > Modo > Photoshop