• Category UI ART, VISUAL ID, UI, FUI / Client Ready at Dawn / Oculus

Ui Art Lead: Davison Carvalho
Art Direction: Nathan Phail-Liff
Ui Concept Art: Ash Thorp, Mike Sekowski, Bruno William
UI / UX design: Shaheed Khan

I had the pleasure of joining Ready at Dawn team in early 2016 as their Lead Ui Artist after an invitation in late 2015 to work on Lone echo. When I joined the team the talented Ash Thorp was just finishing his work on some beautiful Ui concept art for the game that greatly helped to set the mood and tone for new Ui elements to come. Unfortunately some of those beautiful concepts didn’t work on VR space, but when I started at RAD I took as a personal challenge to use them or make new concepts following Ash’s ui art motives as mush as possible and try make them look as good as on his original concepts, which by itself was a huge challenge, but also I wanted to create new concepts that worked well for a VR environment, which made me completely adapt my mindset about UI art. It required a lot of testing, learning and love for the game, for VR, for UI and Art, luckily for me I had great initial art assets made by Ash and I had the amazing Art Director Nathan Phail-Liff sitting right next to me for the entire time I was at RAD, which was strange since I was a major fan of his work on The Order: 1886. Great guy and major talent.

My job as Ui Art Lead at Ready at Dawn consisted on 4 things.
1 – Make Ui Concept art that fulfills basic UX structures within VR space
2 – Try to create high quality UI and FUI aesthetics with a focus on information or a specific placement/need for the game
3 – Help creating and maintaining the overall Visual ID for the game across UI and Marketing Material
4 – Lead the efforts on Ui Art and help the talented Ui and UX designers and implementers to make my concepts and Ash concepts to work in game.

Unfortunately I had to leave Ready at Dawn before completing my work there and before Lone Echo’s release, but the team did and amazing job using some of my concepts and Visual ID work in the game and in the marketing, big thanks to Shaheed Khan to make my art look beautiful and functional in the game, and thanks to Lead Concept Artist Mike Sekowski for creating amazing art, logos and other Ui related art that made my art look cool! We created LONE ECHO’s logo together, what a blast!

Huge thanks to Ready at Dawn, one of the best places to work in the industry with truly talented and kind people, Love you guys!