• Category Concept art, 3D, Film / Tools Modo, Photoshop, Illustrator

Well, if you are in planet Kepler and don’t know places to eat, you should watch what you’re eating. Gluten Free Stuff there may be “hardcore”!
I had some hours to kill, so I modeled some mechanical stuff in Modo 3D, and couldn’t find any use for it, So I kit’bashed a bunch of renders from my 3D models and painted an astronaut scene with a slightly 80’s vibe too it, plus I wanted to look like a still concept for a Film.

The hardest part was getting the brush work parts (70%) to look good and match the photo textures from NASA, a LOT of free brush painting on this one.
Made in about 5-6 hours. Modo > Photoshop > Illustrator > Photoshop