• Client Undisclosed Film Director / Date May 2014 / Category Fui, Ui, Film, Experimental

I made some Fictional User Interfaces (FUI) for a Movie that got delayed than later got cancelled, but since the director really liked the Uis, he kept all the designs for another project that hopefully will be made someday, this is one of 3 screens that don’t reveal any project content that he authorized me to show. This is also very fast 2D Illustrator comps, the next step for me before they pull the plug, was making mockups in 3D, Modo / After Effects, so all the FUI in the movie could have depth and more interaction with props and actors.

I will upload the other 2 in a near future, and yes, unfortunately I can’t even say who´s the director, I signed a really long NDA for that :p. It´s sad, I made close to 20 different screens and can only show 3.
Hope you like it!

Details: 3-4 hours, Adobe illustrator, Modo, After Effects.