• Client Myself and a Friend / Date November 2015 / Category Fui, Ui, 3D, Film, Motion, Experimental

This is a personal project, I wanted to revisit the Phone-booth Fictional User Interface from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. As a huge fan I always wondered that the only thing in that flawless and impeccable master-piece by Stanley Kubrick, that quite didn’t fit perfectly nowadays like everything else in that timeless creation, was the Phone-booth Ui and the design of the dedicated physical installation for the phone-booth. I wanted to make just a terminal device for multi-purposes that fit in any room in a space environment without losing the physical space on a place just for call people. My first thought was Mobile device, of course! But for the sake of having that in a room with controlled access and make more connection with the original film design, I just made a terminal.

I will update this soon with a video and a better description.